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2011 version of the elevator shoe!

by Heel Shields

I saw a post about these new shoes that were designed to add height when needed.  I guess the first question is – Would you really call them shoes?  Doesn’t quite look like you could actually pick your feet up and walk.

Adi Marom robotic shoes in the 'up' position

Secondly, I wonder how heavy they are?  Even if you decided to try them out, how long before both your feet and legs hurt?

AND, most importantly, where would you wear them and with what outfit.  Who has something in their closet that this item (notice I didn’t call them shoes) would actually complement.

I think if you are really need a step ladder, a step ladder is in order.  And, if you need shoes for height, a two-inch platform shoe would give you extra height and look good doing it.   The designer of this item must have had the Science Lab in mind.

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