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$4,700 That’s right $4,700 for this Valentino Shoe!

by Heel Shields

Exquisite!  This is certainly a beautiful shoe.  And, I refuse to comment on the cost of the shoe. 

4700 Valentino lace shoe

And to ensure that you get to see the real beauty of this shoe, here it is on someone’s foot (wish it was mine). 

This shoe is incredible.  It is really, really beautiful, especially on.  Just think if this shoe was available in white, brides might try to save to get it.  And, in some cases maybe would cost more than the dress.  I guess, if you think about it, that would be okay, since you could keep wearing the shoes (making everyone who loves shoes to OH and AH about them), while the dress is cleaned and left in a bag on the shelf. 

This is the type of shoe, if you were planning to marry, that you would buy and save for the big day.  Even though the day would have to be close, otherwise, the bride would not be wearing new shoes.

I have to add that if you buy this shoe and ever have to drive your self – YOU HAD BETTER BE ARMED WITH A HEEL SHIELD.  Could you imagine scuffing the lace on this shoe – HORRORS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mr. Valentino are you listening?

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