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A Christian Louboutin for $313!!!!!!!

by Heel Shields

I could barely believe my eyes when I saw a pair of Christian Louboutin’s for $313 on the SAKs Website.  SAK’s is having an ‘additional’ 50% off sale which they say will equal 70% off. 

I have seen some Loubie flats on sale in the past for a couple hundred but NO HEELS.  So I was amazed  to see a pair of High Heel Christian Louboutin’s on sale for under $500.Loubie Fringe Sandal 313 from 895   I couldn’t wait to see what other colors were available and place my order. 

I guess it was really wishful thinking to think that a size 10 Loubie would be available for only $313.  In fact, I think I even had the crazy thought that a size 10 in Black would be available.  In reality there were only 4 shoes available – two size 6’s and two size 9’s. 

Now when you look at a shoe like this – a sandal – if you haven’t ruined the back of this style while driving you may think there is nothing to worry about.  UNTRUE!  With the sandal not only can you end up with Driver’s Black Heel, you can also end up with a BLACK HEEL!

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