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A Christian Louboutin Men’s Shoe Line?

by Heel Shields

My brother sent me a Neiman Marcus Christian Louboutin video.  In that video Christian Louboutin is recorded saying he had no plans to design a men’s line – his focus was on women’s shoes. 

So is it true that Christian Louboutin is now actually doing a men’s shoe line.  Here is a sample of a shoe I saw on the web that is reportedly designed by Christian Louboutin – doesn’t look like his design style – WHAT DO YOU THINK?

christian_louboutin_freddy-flat                       Christian Louboutin High Top with Studs

There were also two pair of high top ‘tennies’ one in black and one in white (with the same stud details) – also purported styles for Christian Louboutin  Men’s for 2010. 

These shoes DO NOT look like Christian Louboutin’s to me.  Now this pair of shoes that I saw Steve Harvey in would look more like what I would expect Christian Louboutin to design.  And, by the way, this shoe has a red sole and three gold bars in front of the heel. Hate I couldn’t get a picture of the bottom to show.  SteveHarveyBlueSuedeShoes  So what do you think, which shoe looks like a Christian Louboutin design to you?

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