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A Shoe Picture Needs a Foot

by Heel Shields

As we proved with the Valentino shoe, the picture without the foot was nice but did not justify the $4700 price tag.  However when you get to see a shoe on a foot, you can get all of the beauty of the shoe.  (If you haven’t seen the picture – see the post on the $4700 Shoe.) Only you can decide if it justifies the $4700 price tag. 

I LOVE the Christian Louboutin Coussin Caged Booties.  And when you look at this picture, and you love shoes, you have to agree.  This is a beautiful shoe.  Christian Louboutin Coussin Caged Booties

HOWEVER, I have to admit I had no idea how good this shoe would look on a foot.  THANKS KIM  of for  posting the pictures. gwyneth-paltrow Loubie Coussin Caged Booties-10279-4 Now look at the shoe on Gwenyth Paltrow – on her foot you can see the shoe in all of its FABOULOUSITY! 

So if you are wondering if the shoe is as cute on as it is on the display – now you know – YOU HAVE TO TRY IT ON!

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