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Driving IS Hazardous to your Shoes!

The Dirty Shoe Drama on a white shoe

Shoe damaged by driving – didn’t use a Heel Shield

A beautiful pair of Stuart Weitzman  shoes provided the inspiration for the creation of Heel Shields! I spent the summer looking for a pair of shoes in my size – the season’s HOT  yellow shoe.  When I finally found a pair – I was so excited, I didn’t wear them right away. Noooo, I saved them for a special occasion.

When I stepped from my car, the first thing I heard was:  “What is that BLACK stuff on the back of your shoe?”

 I was DEVASTATED!  This was my first experience with DRIVER’s  BLACK HEEL. (the scuffing  caused by unprotected driving). And I planned for it to be my last.
If you think those black scuffs on the back of your expensive leather shoes comes from hitting your heels on the casters of your office chair – I am here to let you know that is not the case.  Those marks are caused by unprotected driving.  
DRIVER’s  BLACK HEEL is the (bumpy if the shoe is leather) dirty black spot on the back of driver’s shoes caused by the shoe coming in contact with the car mat while driving.  This action rubs off the smooth leather finish  which is then  blackened by the dirt, sand, rock and other debris that gathers on the car mat where the driver rests their foot – causing drivers black heel.
AND, Unfortunately, once the finish  is damaged – the shoe cannot be repaired. That is why Heel Shields were invented – NO MORE DRIVER’s BLACK HEEL!                                                                                        
Drivers have  tried to protect their shoes and prevent the dirty shoe drama of DRIVER’s BLACK HEEL for years.  Many inventions have been created to prevent this problems.  Heel Shields are the only product that has been successful in preventing this unattractive problem. 
I know you have tried:  (1) driving on towels or newspaper – that won’t stay in place;  (2)  buying expensive  though UNATTRACTIVE driving shoes (that have to be changed.  AND, please don’t leave the shoes that match your outfit at home);  or (3) keeping a pair of old shoes in the car (hate changing shoes on wet car mats in the winter).  
NONE  of the methods are as easy or inexpensive as Heel Shields.  Just try and take off your shoes and boots in a sports cars (IT IS NOT THAT EASY EVEN IN AN SUV).  AND, forget about untying your Air Jordans.   The Heel Shield will EASILY protect most of your shoes.  Just slip it on prior to driving and slip it off prior to exiting your car.  It’s just that FAST & EASY!



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