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An 'Admitted' SHOE ADDICT

by Heel Shields


I have loved high heels since I was a very little girl. Watching my mother walk in her 4 inch heels of course influenced me.  And, heels have been my shoe of choice since my first pair which I received for grammar school graduation.

My worse experience was with my first pair of design shoes – a pair of yellow Stuart Weitzman’s.   It took several week for me to find a pair in my size and when I did, I ruined then on the very first wearing.   After I ruining my first pair of Stuart Weitzman’s by getting “Black Heel Syndrome” I knew that I had to find or at a minimum create a way to protect and care for my shoes while I drove.  It took several weeks to find the shoe in my size (Size 10 can be hard to find) and, believe me, I am still disappointed that I never got to enjoy wearing that pair of yellow Stuart Weitzman’s.

After many hours of attempting to produce a product that was easy to use and worked on all types of shoes,  I was finally able to come up with the final design – I had created Heel Shields.

With a Heel Shield to protect the rear of the shoe while driving, drivers no longer have to worry about ruined shoes – no more Dirty Shoe Drama.

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