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And then there was SIX!

by Heel Shields

On the third outing with my Avi-Motions, there were six of us.  The first two times, it was just me and my Avi-Motions.  My group of six consisted of  females that needed some exercise and some that needed to  loose some weight.  Oh, I need to mention, there was to be seven of us – but we had a drop-out fifteen minutes before we were to set out.

So the six of us start out.  No problems, the weather is cooperating and it is pretty uneventful.  Then on the way back half of the remaining group decide to make a detour.  So off they go to Bar Louie – for drinks and lunch.  What a way to start an exercise routine!

And again, the walking was easy.  This natural walking shoe is very comfortable. I would really like to try the Skechers Shape Up and Reebok Easy Tone – but another $200 just to test is a little to much.   When it comes to exercise the hardest part is getting started.  If you can get past the first 10-15 minutes you can get in an hour.  When I walk out the door I don’t think I am going to make my two hours.  Once I get going, it is not a problem.  This time I even avoided the temptation to stop and eat.

Started out as six finished as three!

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