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Are cheap flip flops DANGEROUS?

by Heel Shields

Well, I have looked over the 99 cent version and the $200 version and can now tell you the difference.  The 99 cent flip flop is flat all the way across.  The $200 flip flop has a subtle slope at the arch.  cheap flip flop


gold flip flop with carrying case Something else to know about the cheaper flip flop is you may want to check where it is made and how because they may come with extra chemicals that can cause skin rashes.

While looking for a picture of the cheap flip flops, I discovered this posting on dangerous flip flops.  In 2007 Kelly Stiles  uploaded graphic photos of the chemical burns on her flipflop from WalMart feet from a pair of Made-In-China-cheap-plastic-crap sandals she bought in Florida has become a rallying point for other victims of Always Low Prices.

I also have come across articles that say flip flops shouldn’t be the only shoe you wear – can eventually cause foot problems.  And, you certainly take off your flip flops to drive (I hope).  When you take them off, be sure to put on your Heel Shield to keep your heel clean.  Remember seeing people walking in the mall with one dirty heel – the result of UNPROTECTED DRIVING.

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