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Are the Christian Louboutins really on Sale?

by Heel Shields

I am having a problem with Barneys New York and their online shoe sales.  After having this happen a  second time I felt compelled to write about it. 

Got an email notification of Christian Louboutin Shoes on sale.  I rush to the site to see if there are some bargains to be had.  I have to admit I was really disappointed.  Every shoe I liked was ‘out of stock.’  After looking at a few shoes, I was curious if any of the Christian Louboutins were in stock.  Well, Surprise – Surprise all of the Christian Louboutin Shoes had this note on the pricing page – We’re sorry, this item is currently out of stock.

Smacks  you right in the face!   The first time this happened I figured it was probably a fluke.  So I didn’t save images of the shoes.  I never expected it to happen again.  Well it did.  NOW that it has happened again, I am concerned that Christian Louboutin’s on sale at Barney’s aren’t going to be ‘currently available.’

Come On Barney’s don’t use a sale on Christian Louboutins to lure us to your online sale and not have ANY of the Christian Louboutins available for sale. 

This shoe was originally Christian Louboutin Tinazata  1395 to 559$1395 on sale for $559.  A beautiful shoe at a great price – unfortunately it too was currently out of stock!

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