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Are you familiar with “Everything But the Dress?”

by Heel Shields

While at the Annual Pritzker Open House at the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park in Chicago, I had the opportunity to meet Susan Metropoulos– one of the owners of Ladies of the Left Bank  Jewelry  and Everything but the Dress – a blog about Weddings. 

You can probably guess that  our conversation centered around Wedding Shoes.  I didn’t mention that I had pictures  saved of some of my favorite wedding shoes. So, a chance meeting became the perfect inspiration for a post to show those saved wedding shoe pictures. 

THIS pair was worn recently at a fabulous wedding this summer (Abe&Angie).  NOTICE, the Bride opted for a color other than white. Her  shoe went perfectly with her Reception Dress.   Mrs Angie Thompsons wedding shoes 

This Valentino is a top favorite – perfect for a Black&White Ceremony – YES! 4700 Valentino lace shoe  The perfect shoe for the perfect OVER-THE-TOP Wedding. 

And I really like this Christian Louboutin for the classic wedding.  Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoe  HOWEVER, I really love this Manolo Blahnik.  It is my selection  for the perfect Wedding Shoe – no matter if it is the first or third wedding  or the color of the dress.  This crystal shoe matches everything.  And, it is also a perfect evening shoe.  Just LOVE THIS SHOE!  crystal manolo blahnik

ON the big day, all of the ladies wearing these shoes will  be in the limousine- no need for a heel shield.  However, after the honeymoon – a Heel Shield will become their shoes best friend when it comes time to drive – NONE of the shoes pictured would look good with driver’s black heel scuffs

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