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Are you into the ‘NO HEEL’ High Heel?

by Heel Shields

Alexander McQueen Runway Platform NO Heel Sandal  6395

This is Alexander McQueen’s Runway Sandal costing $6396.  Is it because the heel is missing?  I love the styling of this shoe except for the missing heel.

I am curious if the cost is so high because of the engineering required to make the shoe without the heel – I think I would love this shoe at $900 with a heel.  

I am going to have to try these shoes just to see how you rest your feet while standing and sitting. 

I really should be trying to get everyone to change and wear this type of shoe.  WHY?  Because you Have to Have a Heel Shield to drive.  Can you imagine driving somewhere in this shoe and finding the suede damaged from the drive – $6,000 down the drain. 

What do you think – Do you LOVE this style?  Do you own a pair?  Are you thinking about getting a pair?  Leave a comment and let me know what YOU think? 

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