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Brian Atwood has created an ‘affordable’ Line

by Heel Shields

Brian Atwood has created an affordable line of shoes – dubbed the ‘B’ Line.  I think this is really cool idea.  Brian Atwood is one of my favorite shoe designers and to have a high quality premier designer create a shoe at an affordable price is REALLY COOL!

Bergdorf Goodman carries the “B” line .  I LIKEE!B Brian Atwood Suede Color Block Pump 350  This shoe was $350 which is considerably less than the normal $700 and up pricing for designer shoes.  AND, on sale, it would be really affordable. 


Now, all you need to do is add Heel Shields to all of your shoe boxes so your loyal customers can protect their shoes when they drive.  In fact, you can have the heel shields covered to match the shoes. 

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