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Buying Whooga Ugg Boots for the Chicago Snow

by Heel Shields

Got an email from Whooga regarding their boots.  After visiting their site, I decided that I would buy myself some Whooga’s for the Chicago snow season. 

A few years ago I bought my daughter a pair of Uggs and she loved them.  However, the Uggs didn’t do so well in the snow (probably because she didn’t take care of them).  In fact, she didn’t use her Heel Shield when she drove so her Uggs also suffer from Driver’s Black Heel Syndrome. (I am ashamed and embarrassed.)  So, I also bought her a pair of Whooga’s so we could do a  comparison between the two brands. 

Ordered the Whooga’s at the beginning of December.  As we are ending the month of December – still waiting for ugg bootsmy Whooga’s.  Taking a really long time (yes Australia isn’t around the corner, but…………………..).

The style Whooga’s  I ordered have a little heel and a good price point.  The Uggs I bought my daughter are flat.  Flat shoes hurt my feet, so I need a little heel.  

Patiently waiting for my Whooga’s. Ready with my spray can of sealant to protect my new lamb-skin boots from stains on the front and sides.  Of course, I will also have my Heel Shields ready for when I drive!

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