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Can your car mats be dangerous – Lexus, Toyota and Honda think so!

by Heel Shields

Lexus, Toyota and Honda all did car mat recalls because they know that car mats can be dangerous. In fact, my Honda was recalled for this problem.  The car mat would move around. The danger was the car mat could get caught under the pedals.    HPIM0627 HPIM0628   HPIM0626

Pictured here is a car mat that has holes worn from the heel of the drivers shoe. This type of car mat is also dangerous.   Drivers press their foot into the car mat to keep from resting their foot on the mat in a vain attempt to protect their shoe. Because resting your foot on the mat causes driver’s black heel scuffs – destroying the finish of your shoes.   HPIM0632aCarpeting with holes

As you can see from the last picture – with a Heel Shield, you can drive with your foot in a resting position.  The Heel Shield prevents putting holes in the car mat (saving you money on replacing car mats).  The Heel Shield also allows you to keep driving with the damaged mat since the Heel Shield will help keep your heels out of the car mat holes. 

Get your heel shield and save your shoes and your car mats.  You can also save your pant legs in the winter from getting wet from car mats soaked from the snow.

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