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Christian Louboutin’s Lions Paw Shoes

by Heel Shields

I love this shoe.  It is inspired and AGAIN, Christian Louboutin is raising the bar on shoe designing.  This shoe would look good on me! 

Christian Louboutin Lions paw shoe This shoe is pure genius. For all of the cat lovers and all of the LEO females, this is the perfect shoe.  The heel and the talons are jeweled.  This is the type of shoe that will certainly draw attention – LOVING or HATING!  I am loving. 

I wonder if Halle Berry has a pair (christian louboutins lions paw from the sidethis is from the Fall 2011 Collection).  Halle Berry (my birthday twin) is a LEO and wears fabulous shoes. 

A Heel Shield is a must for this shoe.  Not only is this shoe expensive it is also ‘hairy’ so you don’t want to end up rubbing a bald spot on the back of  your  shoe while driving.  Heel Shields to the rescue. 

SO, do you LIKE or HATE the Lion Paw inspired shoe?

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