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Did they remove you from their email list?

by Heel Shields

Have you stopped receiving emails from a source that you really didn’t want to receive emails from.  Did you miss those emails when they stopped  taking up valuable space in your inbox. 

Well. that very thing has happened to me. BUT, I am NOT MISSING THEM and I am NOT SURPRIZED that I haven’t gotten anymore emails from Whooga boots. I got suckered into buying the boots and writing a little blog article about them. WHOOGA BOOTS is a SCAM organization that claims to make the best natural sheep skins boot in the world at a better prices.  The TRUTH is their boots are made in China of man made materials.  AND,  if you are lucky (IF YOU ARE UNLUCKY ENOUGH TO ORDER THEM) the chemical smell coming from the boots won’t make you ill. 

WHOOGA trolls the web sending emails to unsuspecting bloggers about their boots and their contest.  Whooga will send the blogger whatever they need to send to get the blogger to help promote their inferior all man-made material boots (your boots will stink if you wear them bare foot). whooga boot If you don’t do you research, you can be taken in by these smooth talkers.  In fact, Whooga will sometimes send a Ugg boot with their label on the boot to a reliable blog source to get good reviews.  However, the boots they are selling are nothing like the samples they send. 

HOW DO I KNOW, you ask.  Well, I hate to admit, I was duped by them.  That money would have been better spent on REAL UGGS. 

So strictly speaking, I don’t miss their emails, even though I know it means they are just spending their time trying to take advantage of other unsuspecting bloggers. 

The worst part is the inferior WHOOGA boots don’t need a heel shield.  After wearing them a few times, the only thing they will need is protection from the garbage can. 

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