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Do you eat meat? AND, what does that have to do with shoes?

by Heel Shields

I have heard about vegan shoes, yes vegan shoes – which just sounds unattractive.  And,when I have looked at sites with vegan shoes in the past the shoes were REALLY unattractive. The shoes were so unattractive, they hurt my eyes. Then I though about Stella McCartney. Stella McCartney doesn’t use natural materials in her shoes – no animal products. stella-mccartney-bluefly-boots-black-faux-nappa-thighhigh-boots Stella McCartney only uses man made material and makes beautifully designed shoes. 

The Olsen Haus shoe I saw was wearable.  I had expected that the shoes would look like the other VEGAN shoe. I have to admit that the shoe line that spawned this posting has WEARABLE shoes.  faux leather 220 vegan shoe by OlsenHaus This shoe looks a little like the Prada shoe we featured in another posting.  And I really like this shoe described vegan faux suede 220  as faux suede.  These are not the vegan shoes your grandma used to wear. 

But, I still ask what makes this shoe VEGAN versus man-made. Couldn’t find that information on their site.  The site did mention that the leather tanning process can affect the environment, but it didn’t mention how creating faux leather and faux suede affects the environment.  

So, I leave it to you to decide:  Is there a difference between VEGAN or MAN-MADE!

Of course, you know that either way, you still need a Heel Shield to protect them while you drive, especially the pink one. Does faux suede bruise as easy as real suede?  This pink shoe would look horrible with drivers black heel scuffs.  PLUS,  neither of the shoes are cheap – both of these vegan shoes costs over $200. And a Heel Shield only costs $15.99 And this Stella McCartney is even more expensive ($805).  stella-mccartney-mytheresa-sandals-stretch-open-toe-booties Remember when MAN-MADE shoes were cheap?

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