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Do you like all of Christian Louboutin’s designs

by Heel Shields

I have to admit that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE most of the shoes that Christian Louboutin designs.  In fact, I wish that I could buy most of them.  He is truly my favorite designer.  However, I have to admit that sometimes he designs a shoe that I find to be less than attractive – like this shoe – Christian Louboutin Praia 535 I really don’t like this shoe.  (I wonder if you can even see the red sole when walking in this.) NOW, I do have to admit that the reason I don’t like this shoe is I just don’t like wedges – PERIOD!

I don’t like this shoe either!  Christian Louboutin Deroba 595 I also find (and I know this is really different) wedges hard to walk in.  So, I looked and looked and finally found some Christian Louboutin shoes I didn’t want to own.  I am so surprised.  However, since the shoes both cost more than $500 the owners would still need to buy heel shields to make sure the heels didn’t get drivers black heel scuffs.

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