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Do Your Shoes Need a DO OVER?

by Heel Shields

Here is a little something about one of the things does  –  Shoe ReHab (The Before and After of Shoes)

When your shoes are a victim to physical wear or environmental abuse, Shoes of Imagination from is the perfect Rehab Shoe facility to bring your old, weary, dull shoes back to life.We carry a wide range of custom designs to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Some of our customers refurbished shoes are shown. Why not look in your closet for your favorite old pair and send them to us. We will bring them back to life with a bright new look that you won’t put in the back of the closet again. Please  email  ( us and let get started on your own “statement shoe.” 

THANKS TO GLAMFOXX for providing this posting on information about how to bring your old favorites back to life.  Unfortunately, Glammfoxx is unable to bring shoes damaged by UNPROTECTED DRIVING showing the signs of DRIVER’s BLACK HEEL SCUFF back to life.  Get your heel shields and protect you new and old shoes! 

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