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Driving Shoes for driving only?

by Heel Shields

I got an alert from Google about driving shoes (I kinda follow stuff about shoes and the affects of driving in them) and was really intrigued by a forum thread on whether or not driving shoes are for driving only.  Tods Heaven Lacetto Drivers425

Had to check out the site to find the answer to such an intriguing question.   Turns out it was a men’s fashion forum.  The guy asking the question found a great pair of Bally driving shoes and wanted to know if he could wear them like loafers. 

Most of the responders felt driving shoes were too casual to wear in place of loafers.  That Drivers (as they called them) should follow the same fashion rules as boat shoes  – not to be seen in most public places.  back of Tods Heaven Lacetto Drivers425prada druver 438

The most intriguing part of the post was the general consensus that the soles on driving shoes wear out really quickly if worn as regular shoes on city streets.  A quote from the forum -  “They clearly aren’t built for heavy city wear…….”

Amazing! Not made for walking.  (I think most aren’t even made for wearing – style wise.)   Driving shoes are really expensive starting around $150 and going up from there.  Prada perforated driver 430AND, if you can only wear them driving,  a Heel Shield makes so much more sense.  At $15.99 a better value and you can use them with most of your shoes. 

If the complaint about using a heel shield is putting it on and taking it off while seated in the car.  Well, you have to do the same thing with driving shoes and it is easier to slide on a heel shield than it is to change shoes – it is a TWO SECOND operation. 

Check us out – heel shields come with an 100% Scuff Free Guarantee – if you are not scuff free, we will refund your money no questions asked.  

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