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Email from a fellow Entrepreneur

by Heel Shields

During the intermission on the ABC-TV ( Chicago News Segments, a suggestion was made to one of the inventors to use ribbon with her companies name printed as a branding mechanism.  I happened to overhear the conversation and sent the inventor information about a company that supplied the type of ribbon in question.  This is the email she sent to me as a response:



It was a pleasure meeting you – you are truly an inspiration and I hope that milllions of people are able to enjoy your shoe guard as much as my sister is enjoying it.  I gave the guard to my sister because I can not drive for another 5 or 6 months.  She loves it and carries it in her purse everyday.  Both she and I have told many of our girlfriends about the guard. 
I have watched the inventors show several times taking notes and I have learned about lot about marketing presentations from watching you and the other inventors.  You were very poised and professional and clearly you understood how to present your product.  I was very impressed.  I know that you will soon be a millionaire.

Thank you for being so thoughtful the ribbon offer was very helpful as well as considerate.  It was very kind of you to reach out to offer this this information and assistance I appreciate it very much.  I knew you were and extraordinary entrepreneur. Again, thank for reaching out and giving me a helping hand.  I wish you great success and look forward to purchasing and using my heel guard.
God Bless 

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