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Exclusively for Shoe Lovers!

by Heel Shields

If you love shoes, and who doesn’t?  Do you buy leather shoes?  Have you ruined a pair of favorite shoes driving?  Then you know the sinking feeling you Header with Kate Spade  and Heel Shield in Use 121have when you get the news that the black stain or scuff mark on the back of your shoe CAN’T be repaired. 

Heel Shields were invented for this very reason. I love shoes and I ruined a pair of designer shoes the very first time I wore them.  Header with Kate Spade  and Heel Shield in Use 143AND, I was unable to repair or replace them. It was the end of the season, that shoe was all sold out. 

It was years before yellow shoes in season again. AND, the new styles didn’t hold a candle to the shoes I ruined.  

I know that I want to keep the shoes I love so I can wear them over and over again.  When you see the closets of the rich and famous they are full of shoes – everyone wants to keep their favorites. 

Heel Shields are the perfect accessory for drivers.  Purple Gator embossed vinyl WBKGNDAND, a 100% Scuff Free Guarantee comes with every heel shield purchase. 

If you LOVE shoes, you need a Heel Shield

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