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First Day using my Avia Avi-Motion Natural Walking Shoes

by Heel Shields

I wore my Avi-Motion Shoes by AVIA yesterday, hoping to get in a good hours walk.  The shoes are really comfortable so I thought it was going to be an easy walk.  Well, the Chicago lake front weather didn’t really cooperate.  After 30 minutes walking into the wind I had to turn around.  I was getting really tired.  Was it the shoes and using my muscles differently?  OR, was it the wind?   After I got home my legs and feet felt fine – no soreness (but I didn’t walk far).

I found the shoe hard to run in.  That is okay since I bought them strictly for walking.  Just happened to notice the footing was unsure when I ran across the street. 

AND, I like the look of the shoe.  Avia Avi-Motion 3999 endlessdotcom                                                                                                         

The shoes are comfortable.  When you have them on it is like you are standing on your arch more so than your heel or toes.I actually like this part of how the shoe fits.  Years ago my brother wore earth shoes constantly and now he has a problem with his heels.  I am convinced (even though he is not) the earth shoes may have been a part of the problem. The earth shoe is designed to always have the toes 3.7 degrees above the heel – basically you are always on your heels when standing still.     

Since I started looking at ‘exercise’ shoes, I have found Champion has three entries in this area. AND, there is an orthotic that may make any flat shoe a ‘natural walking shoe’ and the Orthotebb Health Exercise Sandals and Shoes (mostly Clogs)  have the strongest weight loss claims – the sandal has a really interesting look.  I’ll provide pictures and more info on these soon. 

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