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Fitness Shoes and Fitness Flip-Flop Shoes

by Heel Shields

Since I have an awful tan on my feet from wearing golf shoes, I wanted to try the fitness flip-flops so I can get a better tan on my feet.  So, I looked at the various shoes, the original Fit Flops, Sketchers Tone-ups and Champion Fitness Spring Sandal 2499 Champion’s Fitness Spring Sandals.  I decided to buy the Champion’s since my daughter would beg me  for a pair until I got her a pair.  So, I got the Champion’s because I could get the two pairs for the price of one pair of the others. 

I think they are comfortable and she really likes hers. BUT,  I got a blister when I went for a long walk.  I didn’t think I was walking fast.  Since the blister burst, I can’t wear them for walking right now.  AND, my feet did hurt a little the next day. 

So, the jury is still out on these shoes.  Wonder if Sketchers or Fit-Flops want to send a sample to see how they compare against the Champions. 

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