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Good Customer Service – An Experience

by Heel Shields

I recently read an article that discussed GOOD customer service was an experience.  What I got out of the article was that the feeling the customer had after the customer service incident was the most important aspect of the interaction. 

Not to long after reading the article I purchased a power supply adapter  from a third party vendor on  Unfortunately the adapter didn’t work.   So I sent  email requesting a RMA for returning the adapter.  After several emails back and forth with a Tech for Less Customer Service Representative, she realized I had the WRONG organization and she pointed me in the right direction.   Now when I receive Tech for Less email  specials – I actually open them instead of automatically deleting. 

Armed with the correct information, I contacted the company by email from whom I actually purchased the item – NO RESPONSE.  After sending several more emails with no response, I decided to leave feedback on Amazon about my shopping experience.  The feedback elicited an immediate response – and a FULL REFUND.  Receiving a FULL REFUND without the burden of returning the defective merchandise removed the pain from the lack of a response to my numerous inquiries, ultimately turning a horrible situation into a GOOD customer service experience.  

Then my next customer service experience – which is ongoing – was and still is bad.  I ordered ink cartridges for my new printer from a ‘GREEN’ company – with major information on their site about protecting the earth.  Well, I sent an email to the company to ask a question regarding my order.  It has been a month and still no answer.  I received the products I ordered and the question that I asked was documented on the order – still no answer. 

Well, of course, when I get ready to order ink cartridges again, I am going to look for another company.  A company that may take the time to respond to a customer inquiry! 

Basically a bad customer service experience will last a very long time.  That is why we pride ourselves on good customer service.  That is also the reason we have the 100% SCUFF FREE GUARANTEE.  If a customer scuffs the heel of their shoe while using a Heel Shield,  return  of the product will secure the return of their purchase price less the shipping and handling for U.S orders (We underwrite the shipping and handling costs for U.S. orders.)  International orders will receive a complete refund of their purchase price of the cost of the Heel Shield.  

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