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An Encounter of the Joan Rivers Kind!

by Heel Shields

I won JetBlue plane tickets for attending a woman’s conference – What a great win!

So Jet Blue was my transportation to Chicago for the Inventors Show Audition.  When you win plane tickets you have to be willing to spend lots of time on the plane.  The trip out was long – from Phoenix to New York (yes – fly over Chicago to New York), then New York to Chicago – red eye- NO BIG DEAL.  

Coming back middle of the day on Sunday – Chicago to New York (fly over Chicago again) then New York to Phoenix.  Well the best part of the trip was leaving the plane at midnight in Phoenix. 

For the first time almost ever, I was one of the last people to leave the plane.  When I walked through the door into the gate there was a woman, a man and a little girl standing in front of the doorway.  As I passed through, I asked the man following me – “is that Joan Rivers?”  He looked at me strangely, mumbled something, and kept walking.  joanriver  photo credit  TVLand

I went back (could not pass Joan Rivers and not be sure).  I asked – “Are you Joan Rivers?”  She pleasantly responded and was extremely gracious.  She even asked a few questions about me.

I had a nice short conversation with her and her travelling companions and gave her Heel Shields for herself and her daughter Melissa. 

I was very excited about meeting her and if she remembers, she may send me an email about how much she LOVES her Heel Shield. 

AND, let me tell you – she looked great!

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