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Have you heard about BG’s Sole Mates Gift Card!

by Heel Shields

The styling of shoes has gone to unprecedented levels – a beautiful pair can make you catch your breath and say OMG! AND,  the prices have also gone sky high.  The average price for a pair of shoes is definitely over $100 (trying to be conservative here).  And the price can go up from there.  Flats can cost over $300.  Boots  (fine leather boots) are ridiculous. 

So what does Bergdorf Goodman’s do?  Bergdorf Goodman creates a shoes only gift card called the Sole Mates.  The Sole Mates specialty gift card for purchasing shoes also comes with :

  • Manolo’s New Shoes: Drawings by Manolo Blahnik
  • John Barrett Pedicure
  • BG Lavande Nail Polish by Le Métier de Beauté
  • Exclusive access to designer events
  • Early entry to shoe sales
  • Complimentary shipping for shoes

All this starting at the low price of $1500 (and you can only use the card for purchasing shoes) – GOTTA LOVE IT! 

So, here it is get your Shoe Fan a Sole Mates Gift Card in these denominations:

  • Sole Mates Gift Card, $1500
  • Sole Mates Gift Card, $2000
  • Sole Mates Gift Card, $2500
  • Sole Mates Gift Card, $3000

So you know my only question is WHY ISN’T one of the gifts given with the Sole Mates Gift Card  a Heel Shield.  You probably can’t find a pair of  shoes at Bergdorf Goodman’s under $200 and ruining a pair with driver’s black heel scuffs would be horrible.

Bergdorf Goodman ORDER  some Heel Shields to giveaway to your customers – THEY DESERVE IT!

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