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Have you heard of Shoes of Prey?

by Heel Shields

Well, have you heard of Shoes of Prey?  If you LOVE shoes and haven’t heard of them, then you may want to look them up.  Shoes of Prey is an Australian Company that allows you to design your own shoes.

Yes, they give you a place to start, but you get to decide on all the important parts, the heel height, the leather, and other stuff to get your Perfect for the Event Shoe.

So, today, when I was going through my email and saw the message from Shoes of Prey regarding their new Work Shoe Line – I was excited.  And I have to admit, I love this shoe. Shoes of Prey Work Shoes in Taupe Suede with Snake Skin Heel

It looks comfortable, and is very stylish.  The price point is also good – in the B Brian Atwood ball park ($300).

Mary Jane’s are my weakness and they also have an oh-so-cute Mary Jane in this Work Line.  Shoes of Prey Work Shoe Line   Black Mary Jane with Leopard Print Heel 299

To me this is a really good addition to the Shoes of Prey line.  If you are like me and really love the Taupe Suede Shoe, be sure to use your heel shield every time you drive – remember suede can’t take a lot of rubbing.

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