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Have you heard of Vince Camuto

by Heel Shields

I got my first pair of  Vince Camuto shoes recently.  It was LOVE at first wearing. Vince Camuto Christmas Sandal 2When I put the shoe on, it felt like I was putting on a hand-made just for me SHOE.  The shoe is extremely comfortable and it has a 4 inch heel.    The shoes hug my feet like a glove and feel like a glove.  The leather is soft and the shoe is stylish,Vince Camuto Christmas Sandals 1 comfortable to walk in and sexy.   When you look at the bottom of the shoe, the sole is stitched Vince Camuto Christmas Sandal Solelike a really expensive shoe, only the soles on this shoe are man made.  In fact, after researching the shoe a little more, I found that all of the materials actually touching my  feet are man made materials. 

CONGRATULATIONS Vince, I am impressed with the comfort of my man-made shoes.  In fact, I really don’t quite understand having the only leather part of the shoe just be decoration.  Especially since I try to only wear leather soled shoes to keep my feet from hurting – since I like to keep my shoes on all day. 

And, to be sure that I keep my Vince Camuto’s looking their very best, I will always wear my Heel Shield while while driving.

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