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Have you worn your sandals yet?

by Heel Shields

Yes, if you live in Phoenix or Miami, you probably have had many chances to wear your sandals.  But for some of us, the opportunity to show toes hasn’t come yet.  So, you know I really don’t like the idea of drooling over winter shoes that aren’t here yet.  Check out this Christian Dior Suede Ankle Boot Needless Markup is previewing for Fall –  LOVE IT!

Christian Dior Purple Suede Ankle Boot  895

I have to tell you this beauty sells for $960.  Could you imagine scuffing the suede off the back while driving to the occasion you saved this boot for?  That when you walk in, instead of everyone talking about your fabulous boots, they are talking about the horrible drivers black heel scuff.  When you own a Heel Shield and keep it in the car,  you never have to worry about getting your shoes dirty or scuffed while driving.

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