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“He Ruined my Louboutins!”

by Heel Shields

That is the title for a you tube video where a young woman complains that a cobbler ruined her NEVER WORN Louboutins.  

I guess she was worried that the beauty of the shoe would be ruined by wearing them.  LOL!  You can’t even see the bottom of the shoe while walking. 

What you see is the arch of the shoe when walking away which is super sexy.  And the front of the heel.  The bottom doesn’t even come into play.

So she ruined a brand new pair of shoes and blamed the Cobbler.  He did do a piss poor job, but she never should have taken her right out of the box shoes for a not-needed repair before even having the pleasure of wearing them. 

Bottega Veneta’s Trademark  is  criss-cross leather.  Bottega Veneta also puts criss-cross leather on the bottom of their shoes.  As you can see from this picture, even when the trademark is built into the sole, the part you walk on will always look like the part you walk on.  Picture of Sole of Bottega Veneta Shoe

Just don’t let your expensive shoes look like the shoes you drive in – get a heel shield and make sure you protect your beautiful shoes when you drive.

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