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Heel Shield Giveaway

by Heel Shields

A friend who had a family member suffering from heel sores mentioned to me that Heel Shields might help heal and even prevent heel sores in bed ridden patients.  Based on this information I have tried sleeping and wearing heel shields for hours.  I have found that the heel shields are comfortable to wear for several hours at a time (last time I wore this one for six hours). 

HPIM0636As you can see by this picture, the heel shield does not come in contact with the heel of the foot providing an airway to take pressure of the heel and promote healing of the heel sores.  HPIM0637In this picture with both feet on the floor, you can see that the heel shield is sturdy and can withstand at least 125 pounds of pressure, (the person in this picture actually weights more than that). 


And this last picture is just another view of the heel shield,  In order to introduce heel shields to this market, we are giving away heel shield samples. If you own a nursing home or other facility that has a need for this type of product and are interested in obtaining heel shields for your patients – please contact us for more information on how to obtain heel shields at

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