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by Heel Shields

Have been watching the Wendy Williams Show off and on.  Wendy FINALLY wore a dress that really flattered her figure.  So what does she do with her feet which are usually well shod – She has on the worst pair of gladiator sandals ever.  EVER!  Have you ever worn a pair of sandals where your little toe wasn’t supported – they really are uncomfortable. 

Wendy Williams’ shoe is ill fitting.  In fact, Wendy had to put her little toe back into the shoe.  Her stylist really picked the wrong shoe – it doesn’t fit and it isn’t really cute.  Wendy usually wears really beautiful shoes.  And of all days for her to have on a bad shoe when she has on a GREAT dress that fits (no stuffed sausage look this time).

I checked Nordstrom, Zappos,,, Neiman Marcus and SAKs and couldn’t find Wendy’s shoe but I did find this monstrosity -  A THONG WITH A FUR CUFF – COME ON – PLEASE! And it only cost $140.koolaburra ankle cuff thong

Heel Shields would work to protect the shoe that Wendy wore – the four strap over the ankle gladiator sandals – if she had to drive in them to take her son back and forth from school.  (She probably takes a limo to work – shucks!)

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