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I am afraid of my walking shoes!

by Heel Shields

If you wear fitness shoes,  then you may want to do a little research on the web and see if you are setting yourself up for an eventual injury.  Seems that more and more people are getting injured.  Ask people you know and see if they are having new unexplained pains.  Since I am so interested in how people are affected by these shoes, I ask strangers about their shoes. Avia Avi-Motion 3999 endlessdotcom How they like them, if they have noticed any changes in their bodies, etc.  Each and every person has stated they really like the shoes even though they have noticed some new pains in their hips and knees.   

This is starting to be a real problem.  A recent article mentions  a  Maryland Defective Products Law Firm  getting geared up to help the unsuspecting who have been injured by their ‘toning” shoes. 

After I bought my toning shoes and toning fit flops, I was surprised at how I started having pains in my hips and knees (this after years of being an athlete experiencing only ankle injuries) and all I was doing was walking.  The first pain was in my right hip – and it concerned me.  When the pains started in my right knee, I knew I had to stop wearing the shoes.  

Having played tennis for many years, it was hard to believe my first knee problem was induced by walking in a pair of shoes.   My friend bought the most expensive brand of this ‘natural walking’ style of shoe based on a doctors recommendation – she too was injured from wearing the shoes. 

I guess my next step now is to see if Avia is willing to exchange their ‘natural walking’ shoes for a regular walking shoe.  I can’t give the shoes away to anyone else and I certainly can’t wear them.  I  am afraid to wear them!

Hey Avia, can I have my money back OR can I exchange the KILLER shoe for some safe plain ole walking shoes?

Of course, this is not to say that everyone will have problems with the shoes.  IN FACT, the shoes may be the best thing for some people.  I am just suggesting caution – start slow and work your way up to marathon walks, etc. 

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