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I can only wear platforms!

by Heel Shields

I recently had a friend remark that she can only wear platforms.  WOW, I thought.  I really need to perform an intervention.

So, we talked.  I let her know that leather soles are the secret to wearing heels all day long.  Without leather soles, or platforms, your feet are almost guaranteed to hurt. 

I say almost guaranteed because I don’t remember if 17 and 18 year old feet hurt in plastic bottom shoes.   However, I do know over 25 year old feet hurt in plastic bottom shoes. 

She wanted to know if the inside of the shoe had to be leather.  Surprisingly in all price points, most manufacturers make the inside lining of their shoes out of leather. 

So what do you do when you see a pair of TO DIE FOR Shoes and the sole is plastic – You take the shoes to your favorite cobbler and have the sole replaced with a leather sole. 

Just think – there are a lot of designers who copy the BIG Name Designers – and  do really cute knock-offs. 

So ladies buy the $39 shoe and add a leather sole and you can wear them in comfort. 

If you really want or have too, you can put a rubber sole on the shoe. I don’t usually suggest a rubber sole since you can’t dance in rubber soled shoes. 

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