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I can’t believe that Whoopi didn’t change for Letterman – SHE DID!!!!!

by Heel Shields

When I watched The View this morning to see if Elizabeth Hasselbeck received new shoes for Christmas, it was announced that Whoopi Goldberg was to appear on David Letterman this evening.  Since I was going to be up, I thought I would watch show.  Then I saw a commercial and it looked like Whoopi was going to have on the same outfit she had on this morning. 

Is it just me or isn’t the expectation that “entertainers” also entertain us with their wardrobes.  It was my understanding that part of their salaries includes money for wardrobes.  We can just hang out with our friends if we wanted to see ‘clothing reruns!’ 

Doesn’t appear that David Letterman ever wears the same suit – so why do we have to see the women in the same shoes or the same outfit.  Aren’t these ladies supposed to be part of the fashion trendsetters? 

OKAY SO I WAS WRONG – THE COMMERCIALS WERE MISLEADING!  I think this is a cute little posting, so I am going to publish it anyway.  Whoopi CHANGED CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wish she had worn some Christian Louboutin’s but at least she didn’t wear those house shoe clogs she has a tendency to wear.

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