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I Really don’t UNDERSTAND!

by Heel Shields

We all know that models have to wear whatever size shoe is available during a shoot or a show. AND, I UNDERSTAND THAT!  However, why don’t the designers get together and stop that from happening.  I DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT!

AND,  I have noticed that celebrities will also sometimes wear shoes that don’t fit. AND, I don’t UNDERSTAND THAT EITHER!

WHY was the featured shoe for Project Runway ads too large or ill-fitting.  The person walking  either  had her foot slide forward and her toes were on the ground;  OR, the shoe was WAY too big.  There was at least a two inch gap between her heel and the back of the shoe. And, I DON’T UNDERSTAND!  PLEASE, it can’t be because they can’t afford the shoe. The wrong size shoe costs the same as the correct size shoe.  Fortunately, this season, the Project Runway Ad now showcases a 6-inch pump that fits.  too small Louboutins

Shame on the Stylist who puts their client in an ill-fitting shoe.  A Stylist MUST know their client’s shoe size.  And, surely they don’t they think it will go unnoticed.  Shoes have always made an outfit.  Today, Shoes are the focal point even more than in the past. 4700 valentino lace court shoe onafoot_thumb Shoes can cost more than the entire outfit.  In fact, a great pair of shoes can make a $5 dress look fabulous.

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