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I THOUGHT I didn’t like Prada Shoes

by Heel Shields

I am almost (and, in fact I was in the past) afraid to admit that I didn’t like Prada Shoes. One of my really good girl friends who is shoe challenged got a pair of Prada shoes.  Really expensive – not so cute. 

The only reason I can come out of the closet now and admit I wasn’t a big fan is I have figured out why I wasn’t a fan. It seems that I only looked at Prada Shoes at Saks.  When you look at the Prada collection at Saks you have to wonder about the popularity of the designer.  I still don’t like the selection at Saks. The Saks Prada Buyer and I disagree on MOST of their selection (this year’s selection is the best ever). 

The reason this is such a surprise – I normally LOVE the shoe selection at SAK’s.  I can run through the Shoe Salon at Saks when I need a quick pick me up.

Prada designed one of my favorite pairs of Over The Knee boots for the fall – available at Neiman Marcus.  prada over the knee boots 2009

And, Neiman Marcus is showing this TDF Prada for the spring. Prada Multi Strap Pump 850  LOVING Prada NOW!

Of course when you wear Prada’s while driving, you need a Heel Shield – the OTK boot is over $1000 and the pump is $850. Who can afford to ruin shoes like this driving? Even if you have the money, can you find it in your size again?

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