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If the shoe doesn’t fit – PLEASE don’t wear it!

by Heel Shields

When I was little, when you went to the shoe store the salesman had a metal device with sliding ends he used to measure your feet.

As an adult, I don’t see very many of the measuring devices.  I wonder are these measuring devices extinct?  I ask this question because of the number of women I see wearing shoes that are either too big or too small.   Either is not good for your feet.  Your feet are supposed to be contained by the shoe  too small Louboutins

I have worn Stuart Weitzman shoes for years and in his shoes I wear a size 10.  I can see a Stuart Weitzman shoe in a catalog, order it in a size 10 and know that it will fit perfectly.  I wear a size 11 in a Christian Louboutin.  Unfortunately, I don’t have as much experience with a Christian Louboutin Shoe, but, I am certainly working on it. 

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