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IS it YOU or the SHOES?

by Heel Shields

DO you have trouble walking in your heels? DO your shoes feel too high? Are you wobbly in your heels? Is your footing unsure? COULD BE, your heels ARE too HIGH!

I have worn heels since my graduation from grammar school – many, many, many  years (maybe not that many “many’s”).  The truth is – flats make my feet hurt.  I put my heels on in the morning and keep them on until bedtime. I LOVE my shoes.

I did own a few pairs of shoes that weren’t comfortable to walk in.  So, I took them to my favorite shoe repair shop to see if the height of the heels could be altered. YEAH!         

Mr. Shoe Repair looked at the shoes and decided how much of the heel could be cut down without the toe of the shoe turning up.  

I have to say, I was EXTREMELY happy when I got my shoes back. The shoes were more comfortable and steady to walk in.

IF you  feel like you are teetering on the edge, take your shoes to your neighborhood shoe repair shop for  AN adjustment!

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