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Jeffrey Campbell–HOT DESIGNER?

by Heel Shields

A guest post by Shoe Designer Marcy Lynn Cail

My theory on why  Jeffrey Campbell blew up over the last few years.

Jeffrey Campbell has been around a lot longer than most people know. However the name really took off over the last few years and I have a theory on why.

The fashion world took a hit when the market fell in 2008. Now, I get it, most companies and industries did. My point is, that the fashion forward end of the business REALLY was hit. Suddenly women were less keen to purchase those stilettos when the price of gas to get to work was breaking into their shopping budgets.

Initially we ladies were like, “to eat or to buy those pumps?” But then the world seemed dismal in lieu of the stock and job markets. And gas prices were outrageous! So, women got a little more practical. Those crazy pumps quit selling. Buyers came to the footwear tradeshows and were no longer taking risks in their buying budgets. It made sense. If a buyer bought something that didn’t sell, they could lose their jobs And what was a sure sell , (e.g.. practical, wearable, easy) was all they were interested in buying. Then we designers were told to make it “understandable” and something that can be worn “day and night.”

This fear of being too “out there” trinkled to designs. I mean, as a designer it is most important for me to design a shoe that sells. Anyone who can draw can draw a beautiful shoe, but wearable and practical designs became the trending demand.

This is where Jeffrey Campbell stood out amongst other brands. They did not go “safe” in their designs. Their shoe constructions, heavy platforms and chunky heels, were overlasted and extremely heavy looking. But that risk taking in aesthetic made them stand out. No other brand was taking risks. Jeffrey Campbell did. There are a ton of brands out there. All shoe buyers will tell you, shoes start to all look similar at a shoe fair. So when you are the one brand that wasn’t afraid to do something new, edgy, fresh, you are the one brand that took a risk and succeeded.

The Jeffrey Campbell shoe, Lita, is considered a staple. Honestly the shoe is not a pretty shoe. Jeffrey Campbell LITA Bootie 159 NordstromBut it still fit the bill. You can wear it day and night. Maybe not with an evening dress, but evening dresses weren’t being worn at this time anyways!

Today Jeffrey Campbell moves forward with their edgy designs. The name is associated with this image and it is proof, taking risks is the only way to get ahead.

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