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NO George Clooney–ALL Women Don’t Lie

by Heel Shields

Was just watching an Entertainment Tonight Episode where George Clooney talks about his life before being a famous actor – his life as a shoe salesman.  In the segment he states that ALL women LIE about their shoe size.  C’MON GEORGE!

I have never met a woman who felt the need to lie about her shoe size, now her weight, dress size, age, YES.  Shoe size – why?  If someone is going to gift you with a pair of, let’s  say Christian Louboutin’s, you really want to make sure you get the right size (otherwise they WILL hurt your feet).

His example was – women who wore a size 12 saying they wore a size 6 – REALLY! 

I do realize that a lot of women don’t have a good idea of what size shoe they should purchase.  In fact, a lot of people think that because once upon a time they wore a specific size, that that is their size for every shoe all the time.   The truth is that the size a person wears depends a lot on the manufacturer.   I am a perfect size Stuart Weitzman 10 most of the time.  However, I am a perfect size 11 Christian Louboutin.  

Weight also has a lot to do with shoe size.  After  weight gain, the shoe size, like the  clothing size, is going to change.  AND, after a significant amount of weight loss, the shoe size will also change. 

So, when you go to buy your next pair of shoes, maybe you will get lucky and have a really good shoe salesman who will MEASURE your foot to find out your REAL shoe size.

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