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NOTE to OPRAH about the No Phone Zone

by Heel Shields

The NO PHONE ZONE movement is a great idea. I would like to add a couple of ideas of my own to make the movement even more effective.  Oprah, since you have the clout to effect the suggestions, I am making them to you.

1.  Have the video that shows how really dangerous texting while driving can be become a requirement for everyone prior to receiving their drivers license.


2.  Have viewing the video showing the danger of  texting while driving added to the curriculum of every high school’s driver education program. 

This would effectively ensure that the movement to prevent distracted driving doesn’t disappear when you retire this year.  

This is just an observation.   Have you ever noticed that in the movies and on TV that scenes showing someone driving that the driver (except  sometimes in NCIS) always looks at the people in the car they are talking to instead of looking at the road. That is distracted driving at its best.  The driver should look ahead.  The next time you are looking at a movie or commercial, notice that the driver is shown looking every where but the road. It doesn’t matter that they are not actually in traffic –  but it minimizes how dangerous it is not to watch the traffic the road to young people who may not have started driving!

In fact, the next time you are in the front seat with a friend – DO they look at you when they talk – DANGEROUS!  If the driver looks at you when they talk, you should look at the road ahead – it could save your lives. I do, and it definitely saved an accident. 

Does your limo driver watch you talk to him in the rear view mirror instead of watching the road?

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