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Orange for Spring 2011

by Heel Shields

This year the email was from Bergdorf Goodman announcing Orange as the color for spring.  Since the last time I got an email announcing the color for a particular season and I didn’t see much of that color, I didn’t think much of this announcement.  And, I have to admit that even though orange is very Cynthia_Bailey_in orangecomplimentary for me, I didn’t think it would go over big. 

Well, I was WRONG!  It seems that Orange as the color for 2011 has taken off in a huge way.  I have seen it on the Ladies on the News,  the Housewives of Atlanta ladies are wearing orange (Phaedra, Cynthia and Sheree), Kyle is wearing orange (Housewives of Beverly Hills) and, many of the dresses at the Golden Globes were orange. 

So ladies, if you don’t have an orange piece, you really need to get one if you want the hot color for spring.  I am still trying to find THE HOT   orange shoes for spring – so far I haven’t seen any I like.   

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