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Brian Atwood has created an ‘affordable’ Line

October 29, 2012

Brian Atwood has created an affordable line of shoes – dubbed the ‘B’ Line.  I think this is really cool idea.  Brian Atwood is one of my favorite shoe designers and to have a high quality premier designer create a shoe at an affordable price is REALLY COOL! Bergdorf Goodman carries the “B” line .  […]

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Driving Shoes for driving only?

October 22, 2012

I got an alert from Google about driving shoes (I kinda follow stuff about shoes and the affects of driving in them) and was really intrigued by a forum thread on whether or not driving shoes are for driving only.  Had to check out the site to find the answer to such an intriguing question.   […]

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You CAN trademark a color!

October 19, 2012

It’s Official – Yves Saint Laurent has thrown in the towel and the courts have spoken.  Remember last fall when YSL produced a red suede shoe with a red sole.  The idea of someone copying his trademark sole color made Christian Louboutin see RED, and he immediately filed suit against YSL to stop infringing on […]

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First of the Finger Shoe Reviews

October 14, 2012

As I decide to pick a finger (toe) shoe to try, I decide to go with a moderately priced shoe versus the high priced originals.  I made this decision since I am not a runner and I am not sure I would get my monies worth out of the more expensive shoe.   In fact, my […]

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Top 4 Ways to spot a fake Christian Louboutin Shoe

October 11, 2012

This article was written by Foot Candy Shoes Today, it seems as though there are many individuals that are trying to mimic the iconic designer shoes of Christian Louboutin. With his eye for incredible design, texture, fabric, and of course his infamous red sole, who wouldn’t want to be the next Christian Louboutin? Well… there […]

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The #1 Shoe For Driving!

October 8, 2012

I LOVE shoes and this is my EXPERT opinion – Shoes make the outfit.  If you put on an athletic shoe with a skirt or dress,  it REALLY doesn’t matter how much the skirt or dress costs the look is crappy – PERIOD. PUT on a pair of fabulous shoes  (like these Prada’s) with a […]

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Serena Williams and her $4,000 Louboutin’s

August 26, 2012

Have you ever seen a headline about a shoe and clicked over to see the article only to be disappointed that there is NO picture of the shoe.  I hate shoe articles that talk about a pair of shoes and never show the shoe.  Then you have to spend hours on the internet trying to […]

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Are you into the ‘NO HEEL’ High Heel?

August 19, 2012

This is Alexander McQueen’s Runway Sandal costing $6396.  Is it because the heel is missing?  I love the styling of this shoe except for the missing heel. I am curious if the cost is so high because of the engineering required to make the shoe without the heel – I think I would love this […]

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American Express $25,000 Big Break Contest

July 6, 2012

American Express is sponsoring a $25,000 Big Break Contest for small business owners.  The contest is easy to enter and is even  open to small business owners who are NOT American Express Card Members.  This is big since a lot of the OPEN offers are just for their American Express Card Holders. Check out the […]

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Color-Blocked Shoes On Sale

July 4, 2012

I love color-blocked shoes.  This year all the designers had good color-blocked shoe selections.  AND, now some of them are on sale.  Yes, the summer shoe sales are in full bloom.  Some of the sales will be short lived – Neiman Marcus ends on the 4th.  However, some of the shoes on sale are reduced […]

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