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American manufactured colored plastic Heel Shield shaped to fit the heel of most shoes, covered in embossed vinyl.

The Heel Shield slides easily on your shoe while seated in the car.  If your heel shield will not slide on easily, grab the two ends and gently pull them apart, then place the heel shield onto your shoe.

If your Heel Shield is too tight you can gently pull the ends and place the heel shield on your shoe and use the same motion to remove the heel shield from your shoe.

Now relax, lay your foot on the car mat with the heel shield being between the car mat and your shoe and drive with your foot resting comfortably on the car mat. No need to press your heel into the mat to protect your shoe.

Remove the heel shield before leaving the car and leave on the console or seat for your next drive.

Protect Your Shoe Investment!

   Only $15.99

Purple Gator Heel Shield

Pink Snake Heel Shield 

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