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REEBOK/Easy Tones, Skechers/Shape-Ups and AVIA/Avi-Motion

by Heel Shields

When I saw the first ad for Reebok Easy Tones, I was immediately intrigued and wanted a pair.  Then I noticed the ad for Skecher’s Shape Ups – and I was confused. 

So, I googled reviews for Easy Tones.  The reviews were all over the place – positive and negative.  The most interesting reviewer loved the shoe, however, she was unhappy because the shoes didn’t last more than a few months.  When I played tennis I tried Reebok Tennis shoes.  The Reebok shoes were extremely comfortable, but the shoes didn’t hold up under the pounding received from competitive tennis. 

I also googled Skechers and the reviews were all positive.  However, since I have no history or reference point for Skechers, I was skeptical about purchasing their shoe –  like the Reebok over $100. 

And MBT wasn’t going to be overlooked. The MBT shoes are the most expensive of all and based on reviews are supposed to be the best.  The MBT, Skechers and Avia brands are all based on a ‘natural walking process’ for their shoes.  Each brand compares the way the shoes walk to walking in sand. 

Well, I decided on the Avia Avi-Motion since I like the Avia brand.  Ordered the shoes yesterday and received them today.  Tried them on – really comfortable.  Looking forward to our first outing since walking is one of my favorite things to do. 

While on MBT’s site I took note of this shoe.  This shoe would be perfect for the woman who wants to wear her exercise shoes MBT baridi dove 235 with her skirts and dresses for the walk from the car to the office.  In fact, if the Avia Avi-Motion works, I will get this MBT Baridi Dove for shopping and stuff like that. 

As Oprah and fashionista’s everywhere AGREE, athletic shoes need to STAY IN THE GYM – PLEASE!!!!

And of course I have to mention that the Heel Shield fits on the Avia Avi-Motion.  This is important if you have to drive to get to your walking path – no worries about Driver’s Black Heel on your athletic shoes. 

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