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Sandal or Over-the-Knee Boot

by Heel Shields

OTK Electra Montana Is this a boot or a sandal.  One night while reviewing various fashion sites, I came across this picture.  I love this shoe.  If a shootie is a combination shoe/shoe boot, then what do you call a sandal  boot combination – a “sanoot.”  Naw, that doesn’t work.  But this sandal/boot is really HOT!  

Now, lets look at her sister boot.  This boot is totally over the top.  Elharrar, the designer super lena boot with garterof the  LaRare Shoe Line has designed for Rykiel, Lagerfeld and others.  Coming into her own, Elharrar creator of the  LaRare Line takes the sexy shoe over the top. 

Now when it comes to driving in these ‘Over-The-Top’ boots, does the wearer take the boot off or does she use a Heel Shield to protect her fabulous boots.  Removing the garter and taking the boot off looks like a lot of trouble in the car.  A Heel Shield is an easy, effective, reasonable way to protect the shoe while driving without having to remove it. 

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