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by Heel Shields

When I saw this email, you know I got scared – I don’t know if this new trend is my velvet from before.  (Reminds me of the commercials that say:  “this is not your (fill in the blank – mother’s, grandmother’s, etc) _____________ velvet.”  Or, if someone has really come up with a GOOD velvet. 

Well, this is the lead picture and I have to admit – this is quite an outfit. Giorgio Armani Crocodile Stamped Draped Robe This coat is a forest green velvet lined Crocodile Stamped Draped Robe by Giorgio Armani for a measly $10,000. And, the ruched panel forest green Giorgio Armani dress is a mere $4500.Giorgio Armani Ruched Panel Velvet Dress  4550 After looking at this outfit, I got excited – maybe the designers have been able to make velvet really wearable.  So, I click on the picture and I am taken to the BG website to some designer selections displaying their velvet offerings for this season.

 D&G Velvet Two Button Blazer  895 D&g TWO tone velvet jacket 1045

Velvet, is velvet is velvet. 

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